Accounting Solutions

Our financial accounting solution for growing organisations

Powerful reporting and business intelligence

Our extensive standardised and customisable reporting suite enables you to easily drill-down and analyse real-time data in an instant, providing you with greater visibility of your organisation’s performance and supporting your key decisions. By automatically reporting to key stakeholders, our technology allows you to focus on more productive activities.

Scalable and flexible to your needs

Configurable to satisfy your individual organisational processes, our financial accounting solution is highly flexible to your needs and scalable to meet your organisation’s growth.

Anytime, anywhere and on any device

Our fully integrated mobile applications offer instant access to a variety of self-service functions, eliminating burdens on your departmental teams, and empowering your mobile workforce with tools and insight on the move.

Save time with an integrated system

Concentrate on your strategic activities with our time-saving automation, productivity enhancing tools and shortcuts – existing customers typically see a 47% increase in productivity when using our innovation, and a 20% reduction in administrative efforts.